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Documents Required for NRI Property Management Services

Are you an NRI having property in Chennai?

Documents Required for NRI Property Management Services

Our Property Management Company understand the efforts required to manage and maintain a property and the tenant. We have a vision to align our services with the owner’s vision to take care of properties the way the owner will take care of his properties – Documents Required for NRI Property Management Services.

Agile Property Management offer professional Property Management Services to NRI’s and Indians having properties in Chennai.

Details of our NRI Property Management Services is listed below:

All Time Services


  • Representing the Owner
  • AMC Coordination and Servicing of Appliances as per AMC Contract with the Service Vendor
  • Follow up & Coordinating Payment of Taxes.
  • Coordinating Repairs & Maintenance.
  • Follow Up of House Insurance (if any).
  • Inventory Check when the tenant occupies and leaves the home.

Services When the Property is Vacant


  • Regular Cleaning and Checking the Property.
  • Rental Assistance Service – Tenant Sourcing and Finalization, checking the ID Proofs – company and personal, Tenant Profile Details
  • Follow up and Coordinating EB Payments
  • Follow up and Coordinating Maintenance payments (if any).

Services When the Property is Occupied by Tenant


  • Tenant Management
  • Rent Collection & Rental Deposit Follow Ups
  • Visit to Property to check on Maintenance by the Tenant
  • Rental Agreement follow ups and increments as per the Contract.

The Benefits of using our NRI Property Management Services:

  • Professional Service with Regular Updates
  • We can take care of your multiple properties in different locations throughout Chennai City
  • Saves your time and effort
  • You do not have to get involved in day to day activities
  • Do not have to depend on relatives / friends / neighbours as obligation.

Documents Required for NRI Property Management Services

  • ID Proof
  • Property Details
  • Property Tax Details
  • EB Consumer Number
  • AMC Contract Details for Amenties in the property


You are now just a click away to manage your property professionally through Agile Property Management Services.


Tips for Addressing Maintenance Issues (with respect to the tenant)

Fixing tenant complaints is an inevitable phase of being a landlord. Unavoidably, even the best property supervised by the most experienced landlord will have problems that bother tenants.

How promptly and effectively you manage these complaints will decide how long you hold on to your tenant. Tenants that don’t get response to their concerns are marked more likely to pass out.

Frequently occurring Maintenance Issues

Maintenance and servicing issues are invariably classified as one of the prime reasons for tenants moving out. There can be nothing more annoying for a tenant if any maintenance issue occurs frequently and the Tenant has to address it at regular intervals. Make sure to fix maintenance issues permanently with Professional & Expert Technicians.

It is also important to discuss with your tenant about servicing of the equipments at regular intervals to avoid break down of the equipments.

Timely Response

Tenants get annoyed and frustrated when landlords take too long to respond to the requests or neglect to answer at all. No tenant will like to have to send reminders to the owners to look after their concerns.

Proper Communication & Follow up

There is nothing better than a tenant feeling that there is always someone to help and sort out their maintenance issues.

  • Having clear-cut regarding responsibilities – Not every maintenance problem is the responsibility of the landlord. The tenant must understand that they are responsible for reasonable health, cleanliness, and hygiene standards within the rental property. The major and infrastructural works are mostly taken care by the Land Lord and the minor works and the running expenditures are taken care by the tenant.
  • Take Pictures before and after Maintenance work is done Make sure to share the pictures with the tenant / request the tenant to share the pictures after the maintenance is done. This ensures miscommunication for instance the window would have been repaired but the painting may have been left out.
  • Follow up with your Tenant after Repair Works Once the repair is done, catch up with the tenant and ensure their satisfaction with the work.

Regardless of the type of complaint you are facing, you have to remember the following points:

  • Listen to the tenant complaint
  • Respond quickly to the complaint.
  • Hire a professional to take care of the complaint
  • Make sure to follow it up with the tenant after repair works
  • Educate the tenant for regular maintenance after repair works.

Finally, when the tenants sense that someone is always there to help them solve their issues, the retention rates will increase.

How to keep a vacant Property Safe?


Landlords may locate themselves with vacant property for a multiple of reasons such as because of the renovation process, difficulties connecting with tenants. Vacant property can endure the significant danger. Some of the most prominent warnings to vacant homes are pretended by weather-related phenomena like storm injury, or flooding. Damage caused because of these natural calamities can be destructive and happen with minimal warning or notice.

Except for the damage caused by Nature, there are some more obstacles which vacant property faces are exceptionally helpless. The best example is a criminal activity. Without the unfavorable impact of tenants and the neighbors, a vacant property is a winning destination for offenders and thieves. They may plan to remove the copper pipes, appliances, and sometimes simply make damage to the property. However, the landlords are the one who has to pay for it.

To protect your vacant property from damage, consider the following tips:

Lock and Secure all Doors & Windows

One of the most important and first step is to lock all the doors and windows securely. In addition, ensure that all doors and windows are locked with added padlocks as required.

If you are far away from your property, you can also consider leaving an extra key with trusted neighbour, friends or relative in the nearby location. This way you can check on the property whenever needed or to let someone inside or for routine maintenance and cleaning. Also make sure to shut off the water and drain the pipes. There have been instances of people who failed to do this and their house was flooded. It is also important to remove unwanted items and valuables from your vacant property.

Execute routine maintenance

A home left unattended will start to deteriorate over a period of time. You have to do regular property maintenance by yourself or you can take the help of a property maintenance service or trusted relative, friend or neighbour. Whatever the case is, it is crucial to make sure the cleaning & maintenance is done regularly. This process will give an impression that there is a constant presence of people at the property and will also serve as an obstacle to illegal activity on the property. Additionally, it will also help to detect the problems before they get converted to more significant issues. For example, leakage of pipe, damage caused by natural calamities or pest, entry of birds / animals and take appropriate action to prevent the same.

During regular maintenance – run the water regularly and flush all toilets, run the amenities (like air conditioners, water filter etc) regularly, open the windows and doors periodically to get rid of the vacant house smell, collect and remove mails / magazines / newpapers (or have them delivered to appropriate address), check and secure doors and windows, check for signs of damages or forced entry, check for any birds / animal entry, check on all the doors & locks.

Fire prevention

Ensure that the outside surface of the property is free from papers, cardboard, and any other fire-friendly trashes, and also flammable substances. It is also advisable to switch off the Main Electricity Power to prevent any unforeseen short circuit.

Use Technology, Security & Surveillance

Locate outstanding security cameras encompassing the property. You can also consider motion light detectors. These lights will turn on if someone walks around your property. Any intruder is less likely to get into your property when there is a spot light on him. You can also think of installing timers to switch on and switch off lights so that intruders will get a feeling that someone is inside the house.


Like how one size does not fit all, you have to understand what all needs to be done to take care of your vacant property depending on the type of property, amenities in the property, neighbourhood, etc. Guarding your vacant property while it is vacant necessitates a moment of foresight.
If you are going to be away from your property for a long time, it is best advisable to hire a Professional Property Management Company.

Energy Saving Tips for House Owners


Saving energy in your home always used to be a reconsideration, but as the times have changed, it has become a most important thing for the homeowners. Homeowners are constantly looking for the latest and most convenient energy saving tips – energy saving tips for your home.

Reducing your home’s energy consumption leads to lower your bills and fewer emissions released into the atmosphere – it is a win-win possibility to save energy. Most energy saving tips for your home can be done with minimal effort.

Efficient Lightening

Lights appear to be such a small phase of your home, but they can either bother or support your home’s energy savings based on how you handle it.

One of the simplest methods to save energy is to remember to turn your lights off when you leave the respective room. Follow that good habit with energy efficient light bulbs, such as LEDs or CFLs, and you will be right on your plan to a more efficient home.

And the next important way is to make sure your lights are not placed near your thermostat. The heat from lights could cause your thermostat to run your furnace or air conditioner more than you need them to.

Motion detecting lights are growing more popular among homeowners, where you do not have to be conscious to turn the lights off.

Place a Programmable Thermostat

The best energy saving tips growing its popularity right now is to replace your old manual thermostat with a new programmable type. They automatically adapt to your agenda by providing you control of your home’s temperature no matter where you are, and you will have more planned and various other options to help you save energy as much as possible.

Upgrade your appliances

Old refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other home appliances were not actually made with energy efficiency in mind nowadays. So, when you decide to replace your old appliances, keep a lookout for a new appliance with the “Energy Saving Star” tag. These appliances are guaranteed to help save you money on energy bills. The cost of those might be bit costly, but they will end up paying for themselves by savings on your bills.

Install Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

If you feel the need to put up your furnace and air conditioning more than you should, your windows and doors may be to blame. Drafty windows and doors can certainly take a toll on your home’s energy efficiency. Replacing your windows with strong vinyl windows will surely lower your energy bills.

Additionally, your entry doors are a primary donor to your home’s energy saving perspective. Replacing your old entry door over a steel or fiberglass door is a smart investment for homeowners. If you are not ready to do a full entry door replacement, then consider introducing a storm door. Storm doors add an added layer of insulation, stability, and energy efficiency to your entryway.

Pull the Plug on Wasting Energy

Like turning off the lights when you are not in the room, you should also unplug any devices or appliances when you are not using it.

Having things plugged is referred to as “phantom loads.” It is stated that 75 percent of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the appliances are turned off. To make the method a bit easier, plug your devices or appliances into power layers so that you can unplug the power band when you are not using them rather than unplugging everything one by one.

Vinyl Siding Saves Energy

Your home’s exterior coating plays the main role in how your home consumes energy. If you have broken, crumbled out siding then the outdoor elements have an easy way into your home.

In return, you will have to put more pressure on your heating and cooling systems, which will raise your energy bills.

Conserve Water

There are some energy saving tips that can assist you to conserve water in your home. Using limited water will lower your water bills certainly, and using limited hot water will help reduce your gas bill.

Some steps can be followed to take control over it like setting your hot water temperature to a moderate degree, taking quicker showers, and being conscious on how much water you use when preparing dishes, washing clothes, and dishwashing.

You can also establish efficient new showerheads and toilets that are designed to use limited water to help you save money.

Overlook Your Garage Door

If you have a connected garage, you can lose a lot of heated or cooled air through your garage door. This can affect the temperature of your home and will cost you more energy bills.

The best solution for this dilemma is to get a steel garage door. Steel garage doors are made to withstand any harsh weather. It has a lather core that restricts heated or cooled air from passing through it. Also, make sure your garage’s molding is not damaged as it inhibits drafts from hiding into your garage under the door.

Use these effective Energy Saving Tips to Reduce Your Home Energy Bills

Being a homeowner, it is important to be mindful of your usage of energy so that you can reduce the bills as low as you can. By understanding and following the above energy saving tips, you can definitely notice the gains on your future energy bills and develop the footprint you are leaving on the environment.

How to Save the Time Land lording and Improve the Time Living

How to Save the Time Land lording and Improve the Time Living

Top 7 tips for reducing landlord time

When you step in real estate investing, you would be prepared a bit unwary – as most of us do. We assume we understand what we’re acquiring into, but we aren’t conscious of something it takes on a day-in and day-out basis until we’re forced into the shot for the first time – Top 7 tips for reducing landlord time.

One thing that you probably weren’t aware of was just how much time it takes to manage a rental property. Surely, the return on your money might be enormously positive, but the drain on your time is equally as powerful.

To relish the business benefits of maintaining rental properties for years to evolve, you need to locate a proper plan to manage your time adequately and savour surpassing work-life stability.

Suggestions for Reducing Your Time Engagement

Burning out of energy and enthusiasm is a common factor among landlords. Most people start with anticipation and excitement, but it’s evident that this energy to disappear as dilemmas emerge, schedules pack up, and duties become monotonous.

If you want to overcome your risk of burning out of energy and maximize your cash flow, you demand to discover ideas to impede your time devotion.

Your time is very valuable and is a limited resource. So to enlighten this, let’s explore some of the effective ways you can reduce your time commitment and spend more time resting with your friends and family – Top 7 tips for reducing landlord time.

How to Save the Time Land lording and Improve the Time Living

1. Build Precise Rental Listings

You might think you’re doing yourself a favour by planning rental listings that are intentionally hazy, but you’re doing yourself disfavour. Sure, you’re building touch points with more leads, but you’re also losing time with people who eventually won’t be inspired to rent your property.

Be as precise in the listing as possible. This involves every relevant detail about price, rooms, square footage, location, rules (such as pet policies), and period of the lease agreement. Thus, when a lead does contact you, you’ll surely know they’re honestly serious.

2. Pre-qualify Renters over the Phone Call

One more factor that wastes your time is revealing your property to unqualified candidates. Just because someone wants to see your property, doesn’t imply you should show it to them.

You can avoid wasting time by pre-qualifying potential renters on the phone. Ask them several questions about income, timeframe, and specific needs. (Keep these questions consistent for every caller to avoid any accusations of discrimination.) If they meet your guidelines and are still interested, then you can set up an appointment.

3. Answer Your Phone and tackle the Problem

If one of your tenants calls, don’t let it ring and go to voicemail (unless you have to). This only extends the amount of energy you use to resolve the issue they’re calling with. By the time you check the voicemail and operate phone tag, it could be hours or days until the query is dealt with.

4. Invest in Quality Equipments

In a low-to-middle income rental house, you’ll be intrigued to place very basic appliances – but beyond that, you should think in another way. Basic appliances do demand a modest upfront investment than more excellent models, but they also lead to having more maintenance problems. This beats up the cost of ownership and requires more of your time.

By initially investing in quality tools, you conserve the time that it takes to plan and manage maintenance issues. You’ll also keep your tenants satisfied, which reduces turnover and promotes stability.

5. Automate Rent Collection and Processing

For maximum landlords, the first week of the month is an engaged one. It has been spent on collecting and processing rent checks. And there is also a chance, where you have to chase down one or two late payments. But when there is a way to lead these processes? Getting a smile right!

The best task you can do is automated rent collection and processing through some online payment portal. By claiming your tenants to sign up for automated drafts, you can reduce the possibility of late payment and start processing a decidedly smoother procedure.

6. Carry a Pre-Ride Inspection

At the conclusion of a lease agreement, nothing is more time-consuming than moving back and forth with a tenant regarding their security deposit (if you’ve decided to keep all of it to address the damage.) To save time, you can carry a pre-move construction.

“Strive to walk through the property with the tenant before a month from actual move-out and look out what particularly has to appear for the tenant to receive the full security deposit back,” The best suggestion is don’t threaten to take deductions from the security deposit, or this walk-through will produce the inverse effect.”

7. Hire a Property Management Company

If you’re deciding to handle everything on your own, you’re ultimately going to approach the end of your rope. The smartest option a landlord can do is hire a professional property management company to support the heavy lifting.

A property management company can manage as many of your responsibilities as you’d desire. From tenant acquisition duties like scheduling optimization and screening to the ongoing concerns which you deal for months and months, a good property manager will help save your time, money, and sanity.


Until you have got a property manager on your side – taking charge right from the rent collection to efficient maintenance coordination – you don’t understand how much time you’re spending on ordinary tasks and responsibilities. When you work with AGILE PROPERTY, we win these details off your to-do list and provide you the opportunity to relish with more free time. Contact us today for an outstanding property analysis!