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What will Agile Property Management do for my Property?

Agile Property Management will maintain your property like how you will maintain your property and how you want to maintain your property – Frequently Asked Questions.

What information do you require to manage my property?

Initially we need the property details and contact details of the owner / local person who can show us the property. After we visit the property, we will require more information which you can provide at that time.

What are the documents required to manage my property?

We will require the ID proof of the owner, copies of the taxes paid, AMC details of the amenities, EB Card, Lease agreement & Tenant Details (if occupied by the tenant), Maintenance payment details (if any), keys of the house.

What are the agreements to be signed for availing Property Management Service?

The owner needs to sign a property management which is for a minimum period of 1 year.

What if I would like to discontinue the agreement for what so ever the reason may be?

In such a case, when the owner wants to discontinue the service, the property management fees for the remaining period will be refunded by the Company to the owner.

What are your charges?

We have two charges

  1. Property Management Fees – This is a yearly fees charged in advance at the time of getting into Property Management Agreement and taking over the property
  2. Rental Assistance Fees – This fee is charged after finalisation of the tenant. If the tenant we finalize vacates before 22 months, we will find another tenant and not charge the rental assistance fees. We do not charge Rental Assistance if the tenant is recommended by the owner.

How soon will you find a tenant for my house?

We cannot exactly tell you how soon we can find a tenant for your house. It depends on many factors like the location, demand in that area, no of units available for rent, etc. Based on your past experience and our visit to your property, we can estimate a time duration before which a tenant can be finalised. A vacant house benefits no one therefore we will put our best efforts and finalise a tenant at the earliest.

What do you mean by Preparing a Property for Rent?

Clean property with no repair works and ready to move in condition attracts the tenants.

The basic minimum requirements (like cupboards, fan & light fittings, painting etc) that need to be done for renting out a property will be discussed as per the demands of the market. It is entirely up to the owner to go ahead with the works that he would like to carry out in his property.

How do you determine the rent for my property?

Based on your previous rent collected and our visit to the property, we will evaluate the rental value for your property and discuss the same with you. We will work towards getting the maximum rent possible for your property.

When a tenant is interested what do you do?

We verify his ID proofs, address proof and the organisation he is working for. We will collect his details in a form and send the same to you for your approval.

What do you do if I disapprove the tenant which you have approved?

We do not approve tenants for your house. We collect the maximum information and verify his ID proofs and send it to you. Based on the information, it is the owner who chooses and approves the tenant from the list of profiles that you receive.

Who executes the Lease Agreement?

The owner executes the lease agreement with the tenant. We first get the signatures of the tenant on the lease agreement and courier the same to the owner / power holder for his signatures.

Whom does the tenant pay the rent to?

The tenant pays the rent to the owner’s account or to the account holder as mentioned in the lease agreement.

How does the tenant pay the rent?

The tenant pays the rent by online transfer or by cheque to the account of the owner or the account mentioned in the Lease Agreement as the case may be.

What happens if the tenant does not pay rent on time or does not pay the rent?

We follow up the rental payment on a monthly basis. If the tenant does not pay the rent on time, we will follow up with him for payment of the rent on time – Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens if the tenant does not pay the rent?

We will follow up with the tenant for a reasonable time for making the payment of rent. If the rents are still not paid, we will on concurrence with the owner, give him a notice to vacate the flat.