Tips for Addressing Maintenance Issues (with respect to the tenant)

Fixing tenant complaints is an inevitable phase of being a landlord. Unavoidably, even the best property supervised by the most experienced landlord will have problems that bother tenants.

How promptly and effectively you manage these complaints will decide how long you hold on to your tenant. Tenants that don’t get response to their concerns are marked more likely to pass out.

Frequently occurring Maintenance Issues

Maintenance and servicing issues are invariably classified as one of the prime reasons for tenants moving out. There can be nothing more annoying for a tenant if any maintenance issue occurs frequently and the Tenant has to address it at regular intervals. Make sure to fix maintenance issues permanently with Professional & Expert Technicians.

It is also important to discuss with your tenant about servicing of the equipments at regular intervals to avoid break down of the equipments.

Timely Response

Tenants get annoyed and frustrated when landlords take too long to respond to the requests or neglect to answer at all. No tenant will like to have to send reminders to the owners to look after their concerns.

Proper Communication & Follow up

There is nothing better than a tenant feeling that there is always someone to help and sort out their maintenance issues.

  • Having clear-cut regarding responsibilities – Not every maintenance problem is the responsibility of the landlord. The tenant must understand that they are responsible for reasonable health, cleanliness, and hygiene standards within the rental property. The major and infrastructural works are mostly taken care by the Land Lord and the minor works and the running expenditures are taken care by the tenant.
  • Take Pictures before and after Maintenance work is done Make sure to share the pictures with the tenant / request the tenant to share the pictures after the maintenance is done. This ensures miscommunication for instance the window would have been repaired but the painting may have been left out.
  • Follow up with your Tenant after Repair Works Once the repair is done, catch up with the tenant and ensure their satisfaction with the work.

Regardless of the type of complaint you are facing, you have to remember the following points:

  • Listen to the tenant complaint
  • Respond quickly to the complaint.
  • Hire a professional to take care of the complaint
  • Make sure to follow it up with the tenant after repair works
  • Educate the tenant for regular maintenance after repair works.

Finally, when the tenants sense that someone is always there to help them solve their issues, the retention rates will increase.