How to Save the Time Land lording and Improve the Time Living

Top 7 tips for reducing landlord time

When you step in real estate investing, you would be prepared a bit unwary – as most of us do. We assume we understand what we’re acquiring into, but we aren’t conscious of something it takes on a day-in and day-out basis until we’re forced into the shot for the first time – Top 7 tips for reducing landlord time.

One thing that you probably weren’t aware of was just how much time it takes to manage a rental property. Surely, the return on your money might be enormously positive, but the drain on your time is equally as powerful.

To relish the business benefits of maintaining rental properties for years to evolve, you need to locate a proper plan to manage your time adequately and savour surpassing work-life stability.

Suggestions for Reducing Your Time Engagement

Burning out of energy and enthusiasm is a common factor among landlords. Most people start with anticipation and excitement, but it’s evident that this energy to disappear as dilemmas emerge, schedules pack up, and duties become monotonous.

If you want to overcome your risk of burning out of energy and maximize your cash flow, you demand to discover ideas to impede your time devotion.

Your time is very valuable and is a limited resource. So to enlighten this, let’s explore some of the effective ways you can reduce your time commitment and spend more time resting with your friends and family – Top 7 tips for reducing landlord time.

How to Save the Time Land lording and Improve the Time Living

1. Build Precise Rental Listings

You might think you’re doing yourself a favour by planning rental listings that are intentionally hazy, but you’re doing yourself disfavour. Sure, you’re building touch points with more leads, but you’re also losing time with people who eventually won’t be inspired to rent your property.

Be as precise in the listing as possible. This involves every relevant detail about price, rooms, square footage, location, rules (such as pet policies), and period of the lease agreement. Thus, when a lead does contact you, you’ll surely know they’re honestly serious.

2. Pre-qualify Renters over the Phone Call

One more factor that wastes your time is revealing your property to unqualified candidates. Just because someone wants to see your property, doesn’t imply you should show it to them.

You can avoid wasting time by pre-qualifying potential renters on the phone. Ask them several questions about income, timeframe, and specific needs. (Keep these questions consistent for every caller to avoid any accusations of discrimination.) If they meet your guidelines and are still interested, then you can set up an appointment.

3. Answer Your Phone and tackle the Problem

If one of your tenants calls, don’t let it ring and go to voicemail (unless you have to). This only extends the amount of energy you use to resolve the issue they’re calling with. By the time you check the voicemail and operate phone tag, it could be hours or days until the query is dealt with.

4. Invest in Quality Equipments

In a low-to-middle income rental house, you’ll be intrigued to place very basic appliances – but beyond that, you should think in another way. Basic appliances do demand a modest upfront investment than more excellent models, but they also lead to having more maintenance problems. This beats up the cost of ownership and requires more of your time.

By initially investing in quality tools, you conserve the time that it takes to plan and manage maintenance issues. You’ll also keep your tenants satisfied, which reduces turnover and promotes stability.

5. Automate Rent Collection and Processing

For maximum landlords, the first week of the month is an engaged one. It has been spent on collecting and processing rent checks. And there is also a chance, where you have to chase down one or two late payments. But when there is a way to lead these processes? Getting a smile right!

The best task you can do is automated rent collection and processing through some online payment portal. By claiming your tenants to sign up for automated drafts, you can reduce the possibility of late payment and start processing a decidedly smoother procedure.

6. Carry a Pre-Ride Inspection

At the conclusion of a lease agreement, nothing is more time-consuming than moving back and forth with a tenant regarding their security deposit (if you’ve decided to keep all of it to address the damage.) To save time, you can carry a pre-move construction.

“Strive to walk through the property with the tenant before a month from actual move-out and look out what particularly has to appear for the tenant to receive the full security deposit back,” The best suggestion is don’t threaten to take deductions from the security deposit, or this walk-through will produce the inverse effect.”

7. Hire a Property Management Company

If you’re deciding to handle everything on your own, you’re ultimately going to approach the end of your rope. The smartest option a landlord can do is hire a professional property management company to support the heavy lifting.

A property management company can manage as many of your responsibilities as you’d desire. From tenant acquisition duties like scheduling optimization and screening to the ongoing concerns which you deal for months and months, a good property manager will help save your time, money, and sanity.


Until you have got a property manager on your side – taking charge right from the rent collection to efficient maintenance coordination – you don’t understand how much time you’re spending on ordinary tasks and responsibilities. When you work with AGILE PROPERTY, we win these details off your to-do list and provide you the opportunity to relish with more free time. Contact us today for an outstanding property analysis!