Marketing Rental Properties in Chennai

In simple words – Marketing refers to the activities undertaken to promote the buying or selling of a product. Marketing includes various activities like advertising, delivering the product, selling it and also creating a demand for the product.

When marketing a property for rental it is essential to have a plan which will give maximum exposure to the prospective tenants who are looking for a rental property thereby shortening the vacancy period of your property.

Property Photographs

It is important to have real photographs and good photographs. We all have heard the saying that a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words. Pay attention to the lighting when taking the photographs and use the wide angle camera to get the maximum coverage of the property. The photographs should have the internal photographs of all the room taking in right angles to give the complete list of amenities available in the house. A video tour showing the entire house can be an added advantage for the prospective tenants. Do not forget to include the exterior of the house and roads in the photographs.

Enclosing the photographs of the property increases the viewership due to the tenancy to scroll through the photographs and video to have a better idea of the property. More time is spent in looking at the photographs and then go through the details of the Advertisement. Therefore it is very important to Prepare your Property for Rent before taking the pictures.

Headline about property

The search for property starts with a general headline. This will be the first thing that the prospective tenant will have a look at when he starts searching for a property. The headline could be search with location or type of property. Make sure that it is placed in the correct headline section and more importantly the headline has got to be catchy to stand apart from the rest. Try to include the number of bedrooms, type of property and location in the heading. Also if possible anything unique about the property can be mentioned.

Property Description

Catchy Headlines and quality photographs – your job is 50% done. A detailed description of the property with correct details relevant to the property with the use of right adjectives wherever required will have a great impact.

Share the neighbourhood details, public Transport facilities, highways or railwaystation or bus stops, super markets, schools, universities & colleges, parks or any other infrastructure details that need to be disclosed. It will also be great if the distance can be mentioned in the details along with the time taken to reach.

It is important to mention in detail about the area of the property, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, dining, balconies, wash areas, open space around the house and all features and highlight the amenities of the property. Photographs give you an idea of the rooms but not the actual size of the rooms. It can help the prospective tenant if the room sizes can be mentioned in the Advertisement.

It will be a good idea to include the type of tenants preferred in the description so that the tenants do not waste your time and also mention whether the property is pet friendly.

When providing the details of the property – make sure not to over exaggerate on the details. Use of bullet points with side headings can be a good option.

Advertise your property

Now that you have a catchy headline and a great property description, you have to make sure that it reaches the right prospects. The advertisement has to be online on platforms where the tenants search for properties. Monitor the online ads with search engines and see the position of your ad in comparison to the other Ads. Make appropriate changes in the content at right times and convert the ad to a paid ad if required to get a better response or if the market is competitive.

The other areas not to be neglected are offline ads in Newspapers and ToLet boards at the property.

Alternative Method to Promote your property

Hire a Property Management Services Company or Rental Assistance Providing Companies who will take care of the entire process of Tenant Finding.