Prepare Your Property for Rent

Before you go on to advertise your property, show the property to the prospective tenants, be sure to do the basics of preparing the property for rent.

In my personal experience, we visited a property which was not cleaned for several months. We visited the property and my executive told me. The property needs to be cleaned and painted. On having a closer look, he realized that the house was painted but due to the dust all over the house, the impression perceived is that the house is not painted.

Steps to Get Your Property Rent-Ready

The impression or the feel that a prospective tenant gets when he enters the house influences him to take a decision about the property (and of course the Owner / Care Taker). Nothing will turn off a prospective tenant than a dirty place.

A clean and presentable property with all electrical fittings in place, no leaks, no dirty walls or kitchen or toilets will influence the prospective tenant to confirm the property immediately.

No doubts that the property will be made ready before handing over to the tenant but the advantage of getting it ready before showing the property is not to miss a prospective tenant and the advantages of showing a prepared property to a prospective tenant are:

  1. The tenant gets a positive impression of the owner and the property.
  2. The tenant is clear of the condition of the property and all the things that have been provided by the owner and gets a message that anything extra may have an impact on the rent.
  3. It gets an indirect message to the tenant that he should return back the property in the same condition.

Steps to Get Your Property Rent-Ready

Each house is different and will have unique things to pay attention to. The steps mentioned below will be a guide line to prepare your property for rent and can be implemented:

  • Once the house is vacated by the tenant, it may be messy at times. First clear the unwanted stuff from the house from both inside and outside the house.
  • Inspect the house thoroughly and make a list out the list of repairs and classify them as Major or Minor Repairs. Fix the Major Repairs first.
  • Pay attention to the fittings and fixtures and appliances inside the house and see that they are in good working condition. Replace any broken switches, plug points, rusted towel rods, rusted curtain rods.
  • Pay attention to the toilet – stained toilet seat covers, stained toilets put off a prospective tenant and turns him away from the property and he may prefer another property.
  • Give special attention to the kitchen – remove the oil stains and repair any damage to the wood work or the modular trays, handles, hinges if rusted are to be replaced.
  • Freshen up the walls by painting or touch up painting as per the condition of the walls. The condition of the walls can make a difference between renting it out and renting it out faster.
  • Thorough cleaning of the house is most essential. This includes walls, floors, fans, lights, cupboards, doors , windows, grills and special attention needs to be given to the toilet and kitchen.