Benefits of Working with Rental Assistance Service Provider

Agile Property Management Services is a fast growing company providing Property Management Services and Rental Assistance Services in Chennai city and its surroundings. Dealing with a professional Company like ours has the following benefits.

We provide end to end management of Rental Properties starting from fixing of the amenities to cleaning and painting of the house. We will get the property ready for rent and in the best of condition. Your visit to the property is minimized and you can invest your time and effort in other useful activities.

Benefits of Working with Rental Assistance Service Provider

We will act as your representative (till tenant is finalized and moves in) providing information to the Tenants about your property and organising regular visits to your property to show it to the prospective tenants. Our service is continuous with regular updates to you on the people visiting the property and you are regularly updated on the condition of your house.

We have a professional Tenant Screening process. We document the details of the tenant along with his id proofs (both organisation and personal) for any future references.

After finalizing the tenant, we take care of the Rental Agreement Paper Work and assist the move in process with the Tenant.

How to Get Started:

From Rental Assistance Service, upgrade to our Property Management Service to get additional benefits

(i) Act as your representative – 24 x 7
(ii) Rent Collection & Follow up
(iii) Follow up of Servicing of Amenities as per the AMC Contract
(iv) House Inspection, Inventory Checking & Reporting when Tenant vacates the property
(v) Lease Agreement Enforcements / Rental Agreement Enforcements
(vi) Lease Agreement Renewals & Lease Agreement Terminations
(vii) Regular Updates during the Property Management Agreement Period
(viii) Assisting and Coordinating Repairs & Maintenance
(ix) Tenant Management
(x) Payment of Taxes


We are associated with qualified Attorney who can assist in legal matters and get advisory support
from them in case of any legal dispute,