Tenant Relations in Property Management Firm

Agile Property Management – as a Property Management company provide Rental Assistance Services and Property Management Services understand the importance of Landlord – Tenant Relationships.

Landlord and Tenant is an association between two individuals where the Landlord rents out his property and allows the tenant to use and occupy the property for a rental fee. The agreement between the tenant and the landlord is referred to as the Lease Agreement / Rental Agreement

A Tenant once told us that Tenants are your customers and boss. To evaluate this comment let us look at the conditions for existence of Landlord Tenant Relationship:

(i) The Landlord is the owner of the property and is to have a title to the property.
(ii) The Tenant admits to the ownership and understands a future interest in the property.
(iii) A Rental Agreement / Lease Agreement is in place with both the Tenant and the Landlord.
(iv) The Landlord agrees to the tenant occupying the property and using it is only the rights to use of property.

Landlord Tenant Relationships are mutual where the Landlord wants his property to be safe and well maintained and the tenant wants attention to his queries and needs. Let us look at the factors that enable maintaining a good relationship between the Landlord and the Tenant.

Property Owners – Understand your Tenant

From the Landlord’s point of view, it is very important to understand to the tenant as a Human Being and to have a transparent and clear communication with the Tenant. The Landlord has to be approachable and have an open line of communication with open lines of communication.

If there is a request concerning the safety and security of the Tenant, he should feel that it will be attended with utmost priority.
A Tenant may make a request for some add ons or alternations to suit his needs. If the request is not aligned with long term plans it is advisable to have a clear cut communication on the same. 

If the Landlord plans to increase the rent, the Tenant should be informed well in advance on the increment and the amount to be increased. 

The Landlord should ensure the peaceful occupation and enjoyment of the property.

Tenants – Understand your Property Owner and do what is required

From the Tenant’s point of view, it is essential to understand the owner’s point of view and the reason for which the property is rented out. The main reason for the owner to rent out the property is to get rent and maintain the property in good condition.

Pay rent on time and ensure that you maintain the property well and hand it over to the Landlord, in the same condition that it was given to you.
An important part of the maintenance is to do the minor or running expenses from time to time and report the same to the Landlord.

No landlord will appreciate complaints about Tenant from neighbours. Therefore it is essential to maintain good relations and behave well with the neighbours. The tenant has to follow the society / building rules at all times.

The crux of the matter is that it is the Rental Agreement / Lease Agreement that connects the Landlord & the Tenant. The Landlord has agreed to rent out the property to the Tenant and the Tenant has agreed to pay a rent. The Agreement is binding from both sides which highlights the duties of both the parties and what they have to do and what they do not have to do. The relationship between the Landlord and Tenant can be analysed through a contract as to how the property is used between the parties.