Want to rent your house – Know tenants priorities

When tenants search for a property, there are certain features that top their list – Want to rent your house Know tenants priorities:

1. Location – The Location of a property always plays a most important feature of the property. Tenants will also pay a higher price for a property at the right location or on the main road. Tenants may also compromise on other amenities if the location of the property is very desirable.

2. Safety & Security – One of the greatest motivator for a tenant is the safety and the security for him, his family and his belongings. This is one of the prerequisite for a long term tenant because the tenant will feel more comfortable when he is in the property and when he is away from the property.

3. Live able conditions – The tenant also looks into how well the property is constructed, maintained, the security, the neighbourhood, water facility, drainage facility and infrastructure and social infrastructure available nearby. Tenants do not prefer isolated properties or with poor infrastructure or amenities to stay.

4. Parking / garage – No one wants to park his vehicle outside the compound in the street or search for a parking on a daily basis (as in some apartments where there is scarcity of parking or no allotted parking). Tenants prefer an allotted car park.

5. Schools Nearby – For tenants with school aged children, this is a first and foremost priority. Every Parent wants the best of education for his child and will want to avoid long distance travels of his child to school saving the time and energy of the child so that the child can concentrate on his studies.

6. Peaceful or quiet place to live in (or Sound Proof Walls) – This is one of the most important factor for a tenant to live for a long term. This means that the property has to offer a peaceful living environment with minimal interruptions and loud traffic or unnecessary disturbance during late night hours. If there are disturbances, tenants tend to move out after some time.

why tenants leave a rental

7. Natural Light & Ventilation – Houses that have natural sunlight and ventilation which is bright are preferred than houses that are dull and gloomy. Abundant natural light gives a more comfortable feeling and also saves the electricity bills for the tenant.

8. Storage Space – This is a very important aspect when the tenants are looking for a house. Tenants need space to store their stuff and prefer a house which has enough cupboards to store them. Sufficient storage facilities like lofts, cupboards, wood work or modular kitchen attract the tenant.

9. Internet Connections and Wifi Connections

10. Ready to Move in Condition – If a property requires cleaning, painting carpentry or any plumbing and electrical works, it needs to be done. Repairs in the property and common areas are disruptive and annoying and poor condition of the property can put off a prospective tenant. The first impression that a tenant gets on visiting a property will persist in their mind and will set an expectation that this is how the property is to be maintained.

11. Walk able distance to nearby amenities – It has been seen that tenants feel more comfortable when the amenities like super market and other basic things are at a walk able distance.

12. Age of the Property – Some tenants feel that they should move in a property which is new. The reason for this is that they feel that a new property will not have any issues towards repairs and maintenance but by proper maintenance of the property, the tenants will still be attracted to it.

13. Well Maintained House – The tenants always prefer a house that is well maintained and do not want to get into issues of maintenance and repairs at a regular basis. They would also prefer a house where the repairs and maintenance can be taken care of immediately whenever required.

14. Cooperative Land Lord – The tenant and land lord relationship is a mutual relationship and both the parties should be cooperative, courteous and mutual respect for each other. All the promises and points agreed upon by the tenant and the owner as per the Lease Agreement should be kept up and honoured by both the parties.